Coking phenol..
       Cresol m/p mixture..
       Technical Cresol..
       Technical xylenol..
       Cyclic hydrocarbon-1(tar)..
       Cyclic hydrocarbon-2..
       Mixed benzol(Cyclic hydroca.....
       Kerosene and diesel..
  About us

Xinjiang Hongye Chemical Investment Co., Ltd. has signed cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Guanghui Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. with the help of the local and county governments in 2008 for increasing added value of products and for extending industrial chain. 
Hongye has engaged in deep-processing of coal chemical by-products for more than 20 years. Based on features as unique proprietary technology, low energy consumption, high value-added, high efficiency, environmental protection, owning strong R&D force and quality assurance ability, our market share occupies above 30% in China, and our products have been sold to international market. 
The estimated annual output of coal tar hydrogenation project is 150,000 tons, and crude phenol is 200,000 tons. The two projects adopt domestic advanced technologies and their comprehensive strength occupy the leading place in China. 
The coal tar hydrogenation project with the annual output of 150,000 tons based on the methyl alcohol project with the annual output of 1,200,000 tons and dimethyl ether project with the output of 800,000 tons. The project owns reliable and advanced technology and sales market. Taking advantage of the raw materials offered by Guanghui New Energy Co., Ltd., we can process and produce solvent oils and fuel oils. The total investment of the project is 600 million Yuan RMB, and the project is planned to construct with coal chemical project of Xinjiang Guanghui New Energy Co., Ltd. The joint project will be completed in 10 years in four phases, and the predicted production scale will be 600,000 tons of tar hydrogenation, the annual sales revenue will be 2 billion Yuan RMM, the profit will be 400 million Yuan RMB, and it can offer 800-1000 posts for the employees. 
The crude phenol refining project with the annual output of 20,000 tons is unique patent technology of Hongye Chemical. Main products: cresol, dimethylphenol, tar, naphtha and other 20 products. We have customers in Guangdong, Hainan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Northeast region. We are highly praised by the customers. 
Hongye Chemical strives to become the most competitive modern enterprise in China. Until 2015, many indicators as quality, energy conservation, environmental protection will occupy the leading place in China. The market competitiveness will be increased by comprehensive cooperation and by producing new products. We strive to be a large enterprise with international competitiveness by 2015.